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OOC Hush

Is anyone still active from the Hush roleplay? Just curious, really.

Out Of Character

Hello, all of my old friends. You haven't seen me in almost two years. Has anyone heard from Hinata, username Amythyst_Orbs? I fell out of contact with her a long time ago, and i recently thought of this place. Is she still here? Hinata-chaaan~ Kashii misses you. :C

To hell with spring birthdays

Corporate party? Attendance is mandatory? Shit. Well. I couldn't go. I did but got turned away at the door. They thought my ID was fake. My ID issued from Hush itself. Fake? Please. Just because I'm not eighteen yet. Boo-fucking-hoo. I bet it's because they thought they could push me around, just because I'm a little short. I almost considered breaking in a back way, but I'd paid a lot for the suit. I didn't want to get it dirty, and now it's stuck in the back of my closet. I'd say "what a waste of money," but I know I'll use it eventually later. Not like I'm gonna grow.

Shit, well, oh well. Perhaps Miss Mori can give me something to do to make up for the missing attendance.



Woof. So, yea. I'm not great with little gadgets, but I can at least use a phone, right? My number is [censored], so give me a ring if you want me. You ladies, do be sure to keep me in your contacts <3.

Voicemail: Oshi- this recording? Uh, hi... leave a message after the beep? I'll get back to you whenever. Uhh... Beeeeeep~? *kcccht* *Beep!*

Kashii Namame Biography


  • Username:

  • Contact Info:
  • Erm.... MSN me. Baby-Cougar@hotmail.com.
  • Email:
  • tigerliiiee@aol.com.
  • Instant messenger: AIM required:
  • Babycougar 226.
  • Are you 18+:
  • Yes.
  • How did you hear about this community:
  • Hinata.


  • Character Name:
  • Kashii Namame.
  • PB for your character:
  • Photobucket
  • Age:
  • 17. [4-6]
  • Gender:
  • Male.
  • Height / Weight:
  • 5'2” / 115 lbs.
  • Hair / Eye color:
  • A messy fringe that just hangs into his eyes, Kashii's face is framed by long hair that hangs right under his shoulder line, smoothly receding upward to his ears. A bit longish in the back, the hair at his neck sticks upward and outward. A dark blue that catches the light easily for a brighter color in sunlight, it's silky. / Kashii has bright, expressive, predatory golden yellow eyes. Almond shaped, they rarely betray his moods and can be entrancing.
  • Character's sexuality:
  • Heterosexual, but flexible if it's advantageous for him.
  • Character's ethnicity (optional):
  • Japanese.
  • Likes:
  • Drinking, Skirt chasing, Sex, Fighting, Blood, Strawberries, Running, Cute children, Games, Reading at night, Birds, Dogs, His baby brother, His mother's brother ->Uncle Ikasama.
  • Dislikes:
  • Relationship commitment, Sweets, Cats, Stabs at his height, Being mistaken for female, Ribbons and lace, Losing, Heavy Rain.


    Little bit of wild, and a little bit of crazy. Kashii is a certified “playboy”, flirting with women without any intention of creating a lasting relationship. Because of is stature, he appears younger than he is, which he occasionally uses to his advantage. Depending on the woman he's chasing, he changes his personality to what he thinks would grab her attention, choosing the suave route or the badboy route most of the time. He shows more interest in women who are disinterested in him, thinking of it as a special challenge. Overly friendly. With men, however, he's more aggressive. He got picked on for his height when he was younger, and retaliated by beating the asses of his aggressors. Rather show-offy, he always tries to impress others and make himself known.

    Kashii is a brawler. He likes to fight. And he likes to draw blood. His pretty face contrasts his personality, but if he's in the mood for it, he'll pick a fight. He's also good at it. Taking training in mixed martial arts, coupled with his natural flexibility and his speed, it's hard for opponents to land a hit on him since he's smaller than, well, everyone. He carries a switchblade on him which he'll pull out if he's getting overwhelmed, but he doesn't try for fatal injuries, only doing enough to be played off as self-defense should the police grab hold. He lives for the adrenaline rush, and tends not to feel his own pain until the opponent is down for the count. He's incredibly hotheaded, and can be riled up, his height being a touchy point. He tends to swear a lot, even in normal conversation, but is good at cooling his tongue when flirting. Also fairly good at planning things out when he so chooses to.

    Kashii likes to drink, getting wilder and crazier as his reason gets clouded. Sober, though, he's sharp and intelligent, able to suppress his tendencies if he knows that's the better way to go. For all his rowdiness, Kashii is loyal and protects his friends (unless they need to be put in their place). His favorite food is strawberry anything, and least favorite is chocolate (though he'll eat dark chocolate if a girl gives it to him). His hobbies include running (he's very fast, so he likes to race against others his age), games, and reading at night. To aide in proper flirting, he's learned to be a minimalistically good dancer, basic cooking, and has a good eye for fashion.


    Fuck this shit. If they didn't want me, they wouldn't waggle their asses like that.

    This bitch today was acting all nice when I came up to her, sharing her name, getting cozy. Real sweet, you know those types. And she was in to me, too. I was almost there. Until HE came. Who is “HE”? The motherFUCKING boyfriend. That was a detail the bitch could have shared.

    And that fucker was huge. I mean, I admit I'm not as big as most guys, but this guy looked like he belonged in a biker's bar. And he didn't look too pleased to see me, either.

    Lucky for me I topped in track when I was still in highschool. Fucker didn't have a prayer.

    I didn't get a score today, but hey, tomorrow's another day.

    Predator, out.


    Revenge is bliss. Sweet, sweet bliss. Kashii didn't like being played the fool. If anything, it was HE who was the player.

    So it should have come to no surprise that he'd come back for them.

    The game had been rigged. Egyptian Ratscrew was the name, slapping a bitch was the game. How they'd gotten him to play cards, he didn't know, but it didnt take him long to figure out that many of them had cards up their sleeves. Nor the mirrors they set up. Cheating wasn't something Kashii approved of, but when they were betting money, shit gets real. And when you're the only one who doesn't know the general plays about to be made, you get more than a little pissed.

    So it was his turn to be the gamemaster. Not that they knew they were playing his game, of course. A note here, forged handwriting there, perfect timing all around. Their star player, who happened to had run home for an “emergency”, was “missing”. In reality, the call had been fake and planted notes had made the others think she'd gone missing. Which, for this crowd, would prompt looking for her. Keeping a seat high on some crates in an alley Kashii kept watch through a dingy window, counting the people to see if they'd all left. Jackknife flipped open, he pried at the window. It was old, and easily came apart. There was one person left. Carefully removing a piece of the frame and the pane, he placed it on the crate, putting his blade in his teeth and slipping into the window, lowering himself onto a bookshelf.

    Slightly unsteady, he hopped down to the more solid floor, the remaining male sitting at the table, glancing over the note. The forged handwriting was copied after his, after all. Knife back in his fingers, he approached, purposefully stepping with noise to pick up the guy's attention. A rather unnerving grin was on his lips. “Heeeere's johnny.”

    The guy, Lee, slapped the paper down, startled, skidding in his chair as he turned around. Kashii was good at silent approached, but he'd come from inside the building and not where the door was. Or so thought Lee. “All I want is my money and no one's gotta get hurt. That good for you, Lee?” Golden eyes studied him. It wasn't that he intended on dirtying his hands but bluffs were good for getting what he wanted. “You were the one who wrote the note? Where's Angela?” His grin got toothier. “At home where her very much alive and fine cat is. Jingles, was it? You'd think the bitch'd be able to remember my voice apart from her kid uncle's.” He did an impression. “Angela, you should come home! Jingles got... by a car.... sob...” The blade spun in his fingers. The other hand extended for the money. They'd keep it around here, and Lee had seen Kashii beat an ass or two. Alone, he wouldn't be able to stand up to the kid, even if he was bigger, and Kashii was armed where he was not. Ah well. There was always next time. He got up, getting a tin box and fishing out a fifty. Kashii took it with two fingers, issuing a two-finger salute over his left eye. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

    Pocketing both knife and money, he left the same way he came in, propping a milk crate atop the bookshelf to shimmy out the window, leaving the frame and pane disconnected. They could fix that on their own time.


    Oh, the simple life. Kashii's birth is what had caused the voluptious call girl, or should we say “ex”, Tsuyaen to settle down in the city of Denver, Colarado, with her new husband, Enshou, a client of whom she'd fallen in love with.

    As a child, he was adorable, and had been mistaken for a girl, and as a toddler, his mother liked to put dresses on him. When he got old enough to understand that dresses were not meant for little boys, Kashii would destroy the frills and lace his mother would painstakingly force onto him. He'd inherited his mother's predatory eyes, an interesting and attention-grabbing feature on a child such as he. Other than the outbursts at his mother's questionable taste, Kashi was rather laid-back like his father. That is, until his sixth birthday, where he met his mother's brother, uncle Ikasama, a man who liked to put a little too much emphasis on the “sama” of his name.

    Ikasama was wild, to say the very least. And he simply adored his little nephew, whom was also a good selling point in attracting women. When not studying, Kashii would spend time with this uncle, picking up various bad habits. However, a new problem had arisen; after being enrolled for a year in his new school Kashii realized he was a lot shorter than the other boys. Not too much, as growth was different at such a young age, but he steadily became the smallest male, which made him an easy target for bullying. Not that he took their shit, of course. After spending so much time with uncle Ikasama, he had learned not to take shit from anyone that pissed him off. His pretty face would throw his peers off-guard, and when they attacked first, he'd bare his fangs, attacking and scratching, sheer stamina and ruthlessness overcoming his larger opponents.

    It got worse when he enrolled into martial arts training. For the opponents, that is. His personality and appearance had gotten him rather popular with the girls, which pissed the boys off even more. They'd pick fights in the training classes, and he'd think of new ways to own them. And by “thinking of new ways to own”, Kashii would copy what he'd seen his uncle do. This streak of winning didn't last long, though. By the time Kashii was ten, it became apparent that just copying his favorite uncle wouldn't get him anywhere; he'd have to create his own style. His classmates had caught onto his tricks, and they were used to the personality which conflicted with his face. That made things personal. His mother had a large switchblade that she never used anymore, and Kashii “borrowed” it, keeping it on his person from that point forward. Practice had gotten him accostumed to using it, and the types of crowds Kashii liked to hang with would teach him methods of using such a weapon.

    Unfortunately, Kashii had also picked up his uncle's infamous womanizing skills. Using his face as a sell point, he could draw the women to him, using suave words that ran in the blood too woo them. And boy, was it fun. During middleschool, the family moved out west to San Fransico, and Kashii smoothly started school with the rest of the grade that fall. When he became a freshman, Kashii left home, opting to live in provided dorms to ride out his highschool career. But he was no slouch; he'd always been smart. When he wasn't out and about stirring up trouble in the city, Kashii was in his dorm, studying. During the summer before his junior year, Kashii started taking summer courses, extending his education, building his credits. He had the skills to graduate earlier than others in his grade, he'd been told, and he most definitely wanted to take that opportunity up. That meant more time to play. But it also meant having to live on his own, as he didn't want to move back in with his parents.

    Senior year in highschool, and Kashii graduated in the winter, not needing to take the spring semester to finish his schooling. Build up from working in evenings had gotten him enough money for a cheap apartment, and with parent approval, he began living on his own. It was also around this time when his mother had finally given birth to a younger brother, Saezuru. Seventeen now, Kashii is looking for a way to make enough money to attend college the next semester. Amongst that, his family members like to drop by; Uncle Ikasama with a sixpack, or his parents wanting him to watch the baby. Nothing ever uneventful.



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